Official Supporters Club Membership

1What is the Official Supporters Club?
With over 300 branches worldwide, fans can proudly come together and share unforgettable City moments whilst cheering on the Club they love from wherever they are based. Our global network of branches stretches from Chadderton to Cairo, with 32 new branches being welcomed into the Official Supporters Club Family during last season including Chile, Seoul, Dakar and Wuhan.
2I've signed up for an account at mancity.com , is this the same as the Official Supporters Club?
No, the account on mancity.com is called a cityzens membership which is a generic account for the website. However, joining the Official Supporters Club allows you to link the two memberships for easy reference and history records.
3Why should I join the Official Supporters Club Singapore branch?
Membership to an official branch is open to anyone with a passion and love for Manchester City, if this is you why not join your local branch today to connect and share experiences with fellow fans. A nominal joining fee is required per member per year, a percentage of which is donated to charity. The Singapore branch is a small yet tightly-knitted community. We gather for key match viewings, community work and other City-inspired events throughout the year over the island.
4How much does it cost to join the Official Supporters Club membership?
This is an annual cost that varies from season to season depending on the items and merchandise inside the supporters pack. We will announce the fees of the season's membership every July.
5I need to pay for the membership? Why should I pay?
A nominal joining fee is required per member per year, a percentage of which is donated to charity. Every successful registered branch member receives their own individual Membership Pack, including a Supporters Club card and other yearly official merchandise! A small portion of your fees goes into maintenance of services to run the supporters club including, web services, seeking partners, administrative costs, etc.
6When is the registration for the Official Supporters Club?
The registration and renewals happen every year during the months August and January.
7After I signed up for the supporters club, what should I do?
You should received an email confirming the payment of fees. Once registration closes, our administrative team will be in touch with you via phone or WhatsApp and you will be added into our Official Supporters Club branch group chat. We will also process your membership cards and merchandise that will be mailed to your registered address. This will normally take 6-8 weeks after registration and payment (compilation of registrations and renewals, collation of production of membership packs, dissemination of membership packs from United Kingdom to Singapore, logistics management and dissemination of packs locally in Singapore).
8Can I join your mailing list to get information when the registration open?
You can register your interest here
9Am I a registered member once I've paid my fees?
In most cases, membership requests will be approved without much hassle. However, a small group of applications gets rejected from time to time over the years by the committee due to toxic and potential abusive behavious from individuals. As gatekeepers to the supporters club, it is our responsibility to protect our existing members from potentially negative attitudes.

Joining our local football team

1What teams do you currently have?
We currently have two ongoing and overlapping teams participating in 11 aside friendlies and 5 aside friendlies and mini tournaments.
2How do I join your teams?
Register your interest here and we will contact you once we have the capacity to arrange for a trial session.
3Can I arrange a friendly match with your team?
Feel free to reach out to us via email: osc@mancity.sg to discuss the details with us.

Media enquiries

1Do you have a spokesperson for media interview?
Within our committee and pool of members, we have many members with experience participating in interviews, punditry gigs and other guest appearances. Feel free to reach out to us osc@mancity.sg for any media opportunities.
2How can we reach you?
You can either email us osc@mancity.sg or DM us over on our Facebook or Instagram pages. Allow us 1-3 business days to respond.